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Flexible, Dynamic Approach to Website Design

Get Faster Results on Your Website Design - With a Better ROI 

Things are changing fast in today's unprecedented times, and being able to quickly adapt your website to the shifts in your market and your customer needs could mean the difference between success and failure.

Our strategy-centric, dynamic web design process provides you with a high-quality custom website design, maximized and crafted based on the activities that will produce the best results in the shortest time possible - so your time and money are focused on what matters today - not what you thought would matter months ago.

With years of experience planning and creating results-centric custom websites, our team understands how to apply a thoughtful balance of science and strategy to help you create a highly-appealing, high-performance website that attracts customers and accelerates your business growth.

We also make it easy to get started, with pricing and planning on our web design services that are predictable and flexible. No surprises. No drawn-out deadlines. Just results.

+ 32%

The average annual sustained increase in website results our customers experience after working with us.

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Growth and Results-Focused Web Design and Development

We approach your website project with strategy and research at the foundation, so we are clear about your goals, who we are trying to reach, what is important to them, and how we are going to convert them into leads or customers. 

We study your past performance, analyze conversion data, identify content opportunities, and conduct user research so we can make informed decisions.

From these insights, we plan and construct a high-performing, well designed website that attracts visitors, converts them into leads, and communicates your value to prospects. 

Strategy-Based Web Development

Unique, Customized Website Built Around Your Business and Goals and Budget

We collaborate with you to create a site that is uniquely yours - not a re-styled theme lightly disguised as something distinct to you. 

Your site should be exactly what you need it to be, so we craft your website based on what will produce the best results, based on:

  • A thoughtful User Experience (UX)
  • A fast and efficient platform that loads quickly and improves conversion rates
  • Images and graphics to distinctly tell your story (stock or custom)
  • Design elements aligned to your brand, including colors and fonts
  • A well-planned content strategy
  • SEO-friendly content written in the voice of your business
  • The ability to adapt and change based on the current needs of your business - not some now-useless feature approved months ago

We work around your business needs with pricing and planning that is predictable and flexible. No surprises. No drawn-out deadlines.

Website Design Built Around Your Goals

Easy to Manage Website Content – No Coding Required

When we talk about a customized site built around your business, it also includes how your business manages your website. 

We craft your website so you can make edits to the content and layout based on your needs, with optional drag-and-drop functionality and an easy to use text editor. 

Whether you are managing it yourself or need to have multiple levels of access and workflows, we make it easy to add, edit, and manage your content. 

Need us to take care of it instead?

We can manage all or part of your site content, so you are your team are free to focus on what you do best. 

Easy to Update CMS

Integration with the Tools and Systems You Use

Ideally, your website is more than a digital brochure. It should connect with the tools and systems you use to support your business goals.

We will create a seamless integration with any of the tools your site visitors, customers, and business stakeholders depend on - including your CRM, Email Service Provider, Analytics, or anything you need to have connected.

Not sure what you need or what is best for your business? We can help you identify and set up the ideal tool-stack for your business.

Integration With Your Business Tools

Training, Hosting, and Support

When your website site goes live, it is only the beginning. Not the end. It’s like a garden that needs constant tending and care.

You don’t have to do it alone. 

We stick around for the long-term to ensure your site gets the ongoing support it needs to evolve, grown, and thrive. 

We’ll also train your team on how to use your new system, provide technical support, provide digital marketing advice, and keep a routine eye on the site to make sure it is tuned up and performing optimally.

We also provide enterprise-grade hosting, so you can trust your site is up and running smoothly 24x7x365.

Support and Training

Tangent has been an enormous asset for my psychology practice. The websites they have constructed and maintained as well as their knowledge and implementation services have been invaluable to me...

Sanford Silverman
Principal - Center for Attention Deficit and Learning Disorders

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