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Analytics, Analysis and Reporting

You have the most potential for success when you can measure your performance and base important decisions on the behavior and actions of your site visitors. 

Our experts are available to help you set up and identify opportunities to optimize your website and digital marketing initiatives, so you can make changes to attract more visitors, drive engagement, and increase conversions. 

Analytics and Reporting Strategy

We start by aligning your analytics strategy with your business goals, so we understand what information we need to collect, where to collect it, and how to present it as useful information.  

Analytics Software Integration, Set Up, and Testing

Before you can start collecting any information, you need to make sure all of the tools you need for analytics are in place, including (at minimum), Google Analytics, Search Console and Tag Manager, and any additional tools for capturing user interactions or testing, such as HotJar and Optimizely.

We verify your tools are set up correctly, fully integrated, accurate, and actionable. We also set up goals and funnels based on your business needs, and filter internal and unwanted traffic (bots and spiders) from your traffic reports.

Ongoing Reporting and Automation

Setting up and tracking analytics takes time to set up, but once they’re set up, we make sure the data is available to you in a convenient, easy to digest format based on the needs and timeframes of your stakeholders. Whether you need customized dashboards tailored to your KPI's, automatically generated and scheduled e-mailed reports, or intelligence events to notify you of extraordinary.