Web Design With a Local Emphasis Helps Nationwide Vision Find Solid Growth

Nationwide Vision had an established market presence throughout Arizona, with a community-centric approach to their retail eye clinics, but the business needs to grow by getting more people into their stores. With our guidance and execution to improve the way people could find and contact a nearby location, Nationwide Vision has consistently been able to reach out to more people and get more of them to convert into customers.

As an established retailer with multiple locations throughout Arizona, Nationwide Vision was able to bring a steady, consistent visitor stream to their website. However, with ambitious growth plans, they needed to find a way to both increase the number of visitors to their site and convert more of those visitors into customers, with as little change in their digital advertising budget as possible.

Our first step with Nationwide Vision was to identify key areas where we could optimize the site to help improve conversions and improve organic search. We also worked on optimizing their Google Ads account so they could produce more traffic without increasing their budget. In each case, we started by focusing on several core activities that would produce the best results in the shortest time possible.

We quickly identified that a large segment of visitors were searching and navigating based on their location, but the location experience was cumbersome and poorly optimized for mobile. We re-built the location experience so locations were easier to find, especially on a mobile device. At the same time, we restructured their paid search to align around locations and market clusters, while also integrating their Google My Business locations with the paid search experience. 

Ultimately, we worked with Nationwide Vision to conduct a strategic review of their website, and as a result completely re-designed the site experience. Their re-designed website features a responsive mobile experience and location-centric structure, optimized to capture organic “near- me” searches and tailored to engage the user experience based on their location.

After enhancing the website for the location experience, the site conversion rate increased from just under 5% to just over 8% within weeks. With continued optimization and the site re-design, Nationwide Vision has more than doubled their conversion rate since working with us – now averaging over 12% in less than 18 months.

Additionally, Nationwide Vision has experienced a steady improvement in organic traffic, averaging over 20% per year, and over 27% after launching the redesigned website.

24% Average Increase in Organic Traffic

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