Transforming Eternity with an E-Commerce Website Re-Design

Eternity faced an uphill challenge with a compromised website and vanishing customers. With a fresh design, thoughtful strategy, consistent execution, and a continuous improvement philosophy, we enabled Eternity to not only save their business, but also help them grow beyond their expectations.

When Eternity first engaged us, it was facing a challenging period. Their site had been hacked and rendered almost useless, with sales dropping to an abysmally low level. They needed help, and they needed it quickly, so they could get back to generating sales.

We quickly worked with Eternity to get to understand their business and create a new strategy for the design and layout of their store. We also determined a refresh of content was an absolute requirement, as the existing content was under par and under compelling. Essentially, this was a ground-up rebuilding of an e-commerce store, with custom design, custom photography, and fresh product pages.

Within a couple of months, we were able to create and launch a new site using Drupal Commerce as the platform, providing order management, integrated fulfillment, inventory management, and customer management contained within a single website. 

With a new site launched and underway, we were also able to work with Eternity to help them scale their business by combining a new customer experience strategy, launching paid-search and social media campaigns, and using email to build a list and engage existing and future customers. 

Eternity has continued to evolve since our first engagement, and subsequently, we have helped them through two new site refreshes and migration to Shopify, while also expanding and refining their email engagement and customer experience systems using our Agile e-commerce growth system.

Within weeks of launching the new store, Eternity started to enjoy a lift in sales, with revenue doubling in the first three months. Within the first six months, traffic increased 300%, and conversion rates climbed up 20%. 

Within a year, revenue grew by over 70%, conversion rates doubled, and Eternity has continued to consistently grow annual revenue by an average of over 20%.

300% Increase in traffic
2x jump in conversion rate
133% Increase in Average Order Value
Eternity Homepage Screen Capture
Eternity Heart Lock
Eternity Collar Screen Capture

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