Website Re-design to Bring Great Food and Family Heritage to Life

Ask anyone who has lived in Scottsdale for any length of time where to go for delicious, Italian fare and you're likely to hear DeFalco's come up with great fanfare. There was just one problem when you looked them up online. Their website did not effectively bring to life the quality of the food, history, and authenticity of DeFalco's. Several of us here at Tangent are big fans of DeFalco's, so we were excited when the opportunity came up to redesign their site with a fresh look that would truly represent DeFalco's story.

DeFalco's has a rich history, a loyal customer base, and amazing food, but their online presence was falling short of telling their story. Their existing site was barely more than a digital version of their menu - utilitarian and bland. This was far from the actual experience of DeFalco's, where delicious, hand-crafted Italian food is made from fresh, quality ingredients, based on traditional family recipes passed down over generations - where you are made to feel like you are part of the family. The opportunity to make a stronger connection and reinforce the DeFalco's story was just waiting to come to life.

Working in conjunction with our friends at Integrity Primo, who were generous enough to bring us in on this project, we first sought to understand the goals and vision of DeFalco's. The better we understood their story, the better we could bring their brand to life and create an engaging experience. They explained that quality food and family tradition were at the core of their business, based on the recipes and values passed down over three generations of Italian heritage.

We created a design that would bring out the best of this message, using the vibrant colors of their food as a basis, and then used bright, intimate images of the food to showcase the experience generations of DeFalco's customers have enjoyed. Equally important, we made sure the history and heritage of the DeFalco's family was a prevalent and visual part of the website experience.

We rounded out the new design by building easy-to-browse menus that dynamically display an example of the food category, and we built out sections for the store and catering experience for customers looking for these services. 

Since launching the new site, site traffic increased an average of 27% (YOY), largely attributed to a bump in organic traffic, and (according to DeFaclo's management), customers have often complimented the new site experience.

Before and After